Field Studies

IFS offers field studies in four program locations.

Forfar Field Station

Picture of field station

Forfar Field Station, IFS's largest program, is located on the eastern shore of Andros Island in Blanket Sound. Established in 1968, the land-based marine education facility serves groups with interests in marine biology, island ecology, geology, and island culture. Land and water transportation, resource materials, and trained, on-site instructors and dive masters assist students and teachers housed at the lodge and cabin-style facility (capacity of 52 beds; 8 cabins). Exploration of coral reefs, mangroves, sand flats, intertidal biomes, blue holes, island vegetation, and local settlements, as well as group projects and individual studies, together create an enlightening and rewarding experience.

The Campsite

Picture of campsites
The Campsite, also located in Blanket Sound, offers the same opportunities for marine ecology education as Forfar while providing a unique opportunity to experience life in a sustainable, outdoor environment.  Groups learn even more about conserving resources and working together as they observe and participate in many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the campsite.  At both Andros sites, group objectives are expanded to include a sense of international respect and cultural understanding as each group interacts with and lives, side by side, with local Bahamian people.


Bahamas Blue Water Sailing Program

Picture of a sailboat
The IFS Bahamas Blue Water Sailing Program, located in Fresh Creek, Andros, was established in 1976.  IFS currently operates two sailboats, 46 and 47 feet in length, which sail from island to island throughout the Bahamian archipelago.  Our captains use the guidance of the wind and the interests of each group to direct their course.  The most frequent destination is the Exuma chain, including the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. Qualified IFS crews on each boat instruct and encourage learning through direct, hands-on participation in sailing and navigational responsibilities, island ecology, marine biology, and island exploration. Although regulations prohibit SCUBA diving off of the sailboats, swimming, snorkeling, and other marine activities are an everyday part of life while on these live-aboard vessels.


Continental Program

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Through our Continental Program, IFS offers educators our assistance and experience in developing a quality field studies program at a low cost, which otherwise the educator may not have the means to accomplish. Arrangements can be made to visit sites in North and Central America, with programs lasting from several days to several weeks. All necessary resources, administrative assistance, financial coordination, field training assistance, and transportation can be provided. The Continental Program is customized to each group's needs.